Apple’s Extended Marketing Mix

on the Blog post the objective is to use a set of images to demonstrate over time how Apple Inc has used the 7Ps of a marketing mix to become one of the most valuable brands in the world. we shall also in a second part to this blog explore one of the Ps (promotion) by looking at a couple of elements to see how Apple has applied it to set itself apart from the competition giving it the global dominance it enjoys today in the consumer electronic and tecchnology products.

  1. Product: This refers to the various products or services provided by apple to its customers

Iphone pricing

The above screenshot taken from the apple website shows one of Apple’s signature product the iPhone, there have been many older generations but the iPhone X is the latest most innovative Apple mobile device yet to be produced. This product came about as a result of over a decades work of research and innovation, proving once again that apple understands its customers taste.

2) Promotion: This is the medium by which apple reaches out and sells its products

Apple Mac

Above is a promotion of the Macbook by Apple, it carries a caption that makes you understand the intensity and quality of the product that even someone considered legally blind can create amazing photographs. This targets not just the elderly but also the visually impaired and inspires those who see clearly. The caption behind the mac, speaks of the thought behind the promotion or ad.

3) Price: This is what apple charges for its products.

Apple watch pricing

The above image shows the price of the Apple watch, at almost £400 per watch. Again a similar product by Apple’s competitors like the Galxy watch by Samsung will cost about £279 again more than a hundred pounds in premium by apple. However this price makes the apple customer to have a sense of luxury associated with the brand and for this apple charges more.

4) People: This refers to the people that run apple, or make up its ecosystem like customers, consultants as well as associated companies.

Apple people

The image above from apple website, shows apple enjoys a wealth of experience and knowledge equipped with varied skills in bringing to fruition the companys objectives. Tim Cook has been CEO since the passing of Steve Jobs and under him the company has continued to grow, these people work at apple, along thousands of others to deliver to their millions of clients the products backed by innovative thinking that the company has been enjoying for the past forty years.

5) Process: This is the means by which Apple gets its products, extends their services, and resolves issues with its customers and staff alike.

Apple suu

The above image shows men in blue shirts seating with customers advising them on various products, if they cannot handle the issue, they will then follow the customer support process and forward the query to the appropriate team within the office building. We also see a search bar where a customer can simply search for what they need help with and be directed to the right place to obtain such. The process is made simple to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain the premium branding position the company enjoys today.

6) Physical Evidence: This is the proof the conocept, proof of its products and existence and physical presence, it is also proof of its know how.

Apple cust

The above image shows a group of customers holding a number of apple products, from the picture we can see a MacBook, an iPhone, an iPod T-Shirt as well as evidence of a happy customer base.

7) Place: This refers to where people can find the Apple’s products like website in sotores or third party retailers.

Apple kyoto

The above image shows a flagship store of apple in Kyoto, Japan, the interior is designed to give a feeling of luxury that comes with the premium branding of the company, this design also gives the customer a subliminal buy signal to own an apple product. This is evidence is undeniable in design and look.


In the Next task we look at how Apple has successfully Applied the strategy of Promotion in its marketing mix to obtain the oustanding results evident in their global success. It should be noted that the home of Apple is the United States, but through an amazing promotion strategy, Apple today sells and does more business in China than it does at home, all of this is thanks to a successful promotional strategy.



Promotion also referred to as the promotional strategy is that part of the marketing mix that deals with a company telling its potential customer base what products or services it is selling. Apple through a carefully worked out strategy uses this strategy to tell the customer what products they have; how useful the products are and why they believe the products are right for the customer. While most of apple’s competitors use promotion only as a means of selling their products, Apple Inc, uses promotion as a means of expressing what they believe, and how what they believe is more valuable and therefore must have. This strategy has worked so very well for Apple over the years, because customers who use apple tend to have more than one Apple device and use at least two of apple services. This makes the shared believe by Apple to its customers ensure a more solid ecosystem of loyal customers.

In order for Apple to succeed in its promotions, the company has had to explain in various ways and channels why the customer should buy their product, how the product works, how secure the product is and what benefits there are in using the product. Apple carefully stays away from comparing its products with those of its competitors despite the fact that most competitors do the exact opposite, as such the strategy has clearly set Apple aside as company that delivers quality and premium products associated with luxury brands only. Apple is in the consumer electronic and technology market what Louis Vuitton is to the fashion brands or what Bugatti is in the luxury sport cars brand. This dominance comes with many benefits as such today apple is one of only two companies in the world valued at over one trillion dollars. It is also one the most valuable brands in the world.

Apple has used key promotional strategies such as advertising, personal selling, events as well as public relations and sales promotion to target its customers.

  • Advertising: Apple uses various advertising channels to reach its audiences, in the early days Apple used primarily radio advertisements to reach its audience all across the US and subsequently Europe. In Later years, Apple uses Television advertisements, Social Media advertisements, as well as billboards, magazines and journals to reach its audiences. For example, in its advertisement of the iPhone 3G as published on their YouTube Channel, we see two gentlemen carrying a suitcase, purportedly containing a very special device, the gentlemen are dressed up as agents of special forces or operatives giving more seriousness and subliminal message of how important the device is, then a voice message comes over with the message ‘its finally here, the first phone to beat the iPhone, download data twice as fast and for half the price, paused and continued , introducing the, the new iPhone 3G’. This TV commercial was carefully made to show the importance of the iPhone 3G and why you should have, because it downloads data twice as fast as any other or phone, it beats the performance of the previous best phone, and it comes for half the price.
  • PR or Public Relations: Apple is great at building its public relations image, in 2017, when the US Federal Government requested the company to grant a back access to an iPhone user suspected of terrorism, the CEO of the company said, doing such a thing will breach their customers trusts, and set a bad precedence for the company and its customers as such the company refused to grant the access. This went down extremely well with some apple users who viewed such a move as protecting their rights to privacy. Even non-apple users viewed the case favourably in that Government should not be able to bully companies to obtain the personal data of customers. Through the years using public relations apple has built a great brand image perceived by most as credible, durable, high quality and luxurious and most of all safe and secure.

In conclusion, Apple I believe Apple has done a great job using Promotion to achieve marketing success, this is evident in the number of products they sell annually, the stock price of the company as well as the brand value and overall perception of the company by its customers.






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