How Consumers Use Technology and its Impacts on Their Lives.

Goal or Objective of this task:

  • How consumers use technology and its impacts on their lives.


The introduction of the Arpanet project in 1962 and its subsequent evolution to the internet as we know it today has had profound impact on the lives of consumers:

What impact has the use of technology had on consumers?

Technology has had profound impact on the lives of consumers as seen in the following areas:

  • How the consumer access’ the internet
  • Digital devices used by the consumer or audiences
  • How consumers search for information
  • What consumers buy online
  • How consumers consume videos online and
  • What consumer trends have now emerged because of technology.


As marketers, one must constantly be in the lookout for new trends, and better ways of delivering quality and value to our clients and to do so we must be flexible and adaptable as well as well-informed through regular market research into emerging trends and patterns.


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