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Inbound marketing is about building relationship with the customer using less aggressive marketing content to attract the customer. As such unlike traditional marketing, inbound marketing is less intrusive and focuses on meeting the needs of the customer, it is geared at making the customer come to the you (firm) rather than you going to the customer.

Below we shall look closely at the inbound marketing techniques or methods of and

Approach to Inbound Marketing Helpscout Vs Hubspot. Approach

They used self-explanatory headlines, coupled with explanatory videos and a simple updated website display which is also mobile friendly. They also have a social media presence and the use of call to action buttons to direct clients to navigate their website. They have one principal buyer persona. Approach is slightly different with the use of info-graphics, simple headlines, more social media presence, they also provide a lot of information and education materials and use call to actions to capture specific information from the customers. Most importantly they segmented their three buyer personas with clear information and headlines.

Strengths and weaknesses of the Approaches used:

In the case of Helpscout, the use of videos gives customers a more personal attachment to the company, and makes them more relatable, however this may not be ideal to certain audiences. Also focusing principally on one buyer persona may increase efficiency but again limiting it to one persona maybe challenging should customers require more methods and opportunities or personas.

In the case of Hubspot, They touch on all major techniques of inbound marketing, like updated content, use of social media, headings, multiple buyer personas as well as providing relevant and educative materials all of these keep customers engaged and wanting to know more, the social media presence gives them better coverage as well as exposure. However familiarity sometimes may breed contempt and when the customer sometimes is over informed through various channels by a single brand or company they get fed up and develop a negative attribution with the brand or company.

In all it could be said that hubspot is better at inbound marketing because of their use of most of the methods of inbound marketing, besides they are more active on social media than Helpscout making use of the six major platforms while Helpscout uses just three. Also hubspot is better because of their categorization of buyer personas, with clearly defined headings and call to actions for its customers, they also made provisions to help the customer on site by providing a live chat box and six languages in which customers can browse their site in, something helpscout did not provide.

How To Improve:

Helpscout can add more language options to its website like Chinese, Spanish, French and even Portuguese, and also increase its social media exposure on Instagram, WhatsApp etc so as to gain more presence and build more trust.

Hubspot on the other hand can make use of video content to create a more personal feeling for the customer while on the main page rather than using a call to action to send them to another page for that.


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