Content Marketing

What is it, and where can i find best practice in the travel industry?

  • What is content Marketing?Content marketing deals with the creation, distribution and promotion of valuable information to various audiences using inbound marketing techniques.

    -It helps with the optimization of various websites, blogs, pages and digital profiles and establishes credibility to ensures brand recognition

    -In this task we will explore how travel related firms use different contents for various personas.

    -Examples of contents to be explored are Blogs, Podcasts, Ebooks, Videos, infographics, checklists etc

  • Examples of best content used in a travel related firm

-Example 1: Trafalgar Tours

-Example 2: TripAdvisor

-Example 3:

-Example 4: Secrete Escapes

What makes the above examples better than other sites such as Trivago?

-They made great use of Blogs to educate and inform their audiences

-The Also used great video contents

-They made use of guide books and e-books to

-They used various methods of CTAs

-Had different content for social media platforms

Conclusion: The better a firms content the better the SEO and traction online.






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