Email Marketing In Today’s Digital Space


Email Marketing is one of the first digital marketing techniques used to communicate with prospects, clients and staff alike. It is cost effective and when properly used and implemented delivers great value for money.

According to Daly 2014, when email marketing is properly utilised as a mean of marketing it has a potential of 4300% ROI, meaning for every $1 spent on campaigns it can yield up to $43.

There are various kinds of email marking campaigns including among others, promotional, transactional, informative, holiday or event emails each meant to communicate a specific message to the buyer persona in question.

Also According to, ‘a survey of marketers in the United States conducted by the Direct Marketing Association and Demand Metric demonstrated that email achieved a median ROI of 122%, which was more than 4 times greater than any other marketing channel, including social media (28%), direct mail (27%), and paid search (25%). In addition, email marketing generated $44 ROI for every $1 spent in 2016, which was up from $38 in 2015’

Below we shall therefore explore some of the best email marketing practices and some Don’ts

Five Best Practices in Email Marketing according to 2018.

  • Create campaigns that take into account the mobile user, because mobile friendly email campaigns have a better open and response rate than desktop only friendly campaigns. A study conducted in 2016 by Litmus looking at 13 billion emails opened in 2016, 54% were opened on mobile devices, while 19% were opened on desktops which eventually dropped to 16% by end of the year. In another study in the same year, more than 70% of respondents said they would delete an email if didn’t look good on their mobile. This alone stresses the importance of designing campaigns with mobile users in mind.
  • Personalize your email campaigns. Using subscribers names on the email campaigns makes them more inclined to read the emails, and also signing the email with your details creates a more personal approach giving your readers more inclination to open and read the emails.
  • Integrate your email marketing strategy with social media. According to fulcrumtech, by integrating your email marketing strategy with social media, you automatically increase your click through rate by 65% and open rates by 19% especially if you add Youtube videos on your email marketing campaigns.
  • Optimize your email send frequency and cadence. This is so because there is positive correlation between your frequency and the responsiveness from your subscribers. It is better to send emails once a more and be consistent than to send four times a month and not send two months after that. Consistency is very important especially because it creates a feeling of expectancy from your quality subscribers.
  • Do Not Buy a mailing list. It is better to build and maintain a quality mailing list than to have thousands of leads which are not qualified nor interested in what you have to say. As such it is better to have 200 subscribers who want to read from you than 20,000 who don’t know you nor want to read from you, because it will create a negative image which must be avoided at all cost.

Apart from the above it is also important to test or preview your emails before sending, track and see what the response rate is and amend to have better outcomes, as well as segment your email according to your audience, times and seasons.

  • Do Not Spam Your Subscribers: Most marketers feel that spamming or bombarding their subscribers with emails will move their agenda forward faster. This has been proven to be counterproductive because research shows that most people simply unsubscribe or delete any email which they perceive as spam.
  • None Segmentation: You want to avoid this at all cost especially when your subscribers come from various geographic locations and came to you for various reasons. Unless it is general update of terms and policies or other important update, it is very important to segment your email according to your audiences’ locations and buyer personas so as to keep your content relevant and useful.

Ignoring GDRP: By all means ensure your email marketing campaigns comply with personal data protection and ensure you only market to people you have received protection from, defaulters could be fined up to a years’ worth of company profits

In conclusion, email marketing remains a very effective part of digital marketing provided it is properly designed, distributed and used. In today’s digital marketing space, inbound marketing is much more preferred as it builds trust with the audience, as such email marketing which holds a lot more content can be an effective tool used for the distribution of useful content to build trust and lead potential customers or lead into actual buying customers. Though there are new rules which regulate the market, it still remains one of the most effective and cost-effective ways of generation amazing ROI for companies that use it wisely.

By Gerald Chiatoh.

Published by

Gecth & Co Group

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